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A talk I gave about the Mormon Settlement in San Bernardino (At one time I was the President of the "Bemis, Hancock, Roberd" family organization, in which the descendants of these 3 families, which were some of the original LDS colonists of San Bernardino, still gather once a year)


Genealogy stuff

Roger's and Ericka's Genealogy Link page (Links to other pages we have concerning our Genealogy)  And this is one of my favorite hobbies (when I get the time) -The updated "PAF" genealogy is on this server

My "straight" Covalt/Colt line (Do we connect?)

Bemis, Hancock and Roberds family gatherings handouts can be found here

Can you help my wife with her deadends?

What about my deadends?


Miscellaneous stuff

A shameless plug of Gregory Mountain Products (Wayne and I go back to the late 70s. I love his stuff! Wayne retired in early 2015. Gregory Mountain Products is now owned by Samsonite).

The Maori "Haka" (One you've seen it live, you will always be amazed) 


My comments about the water problem here in the southwest (Hard to believe, but some of the things I advocated when I ran for State Assembly in 1990, politicians are now stating that we need them now. I guess I sought office almost 25 years too soon)

You can check out pictures of my Goat Trestle hike (This was before this area was closed due to the reopening of the railroad, and done with a early digital camera, hence the "not so great" image quality)

My 2010 trip to Death Valley National Park with the kids

Some places (and pictures I've taken) of where I've been




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